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15: Macie and Adam’s Infertility Story


Posted: February 22, 2018 by Ashley Ogle

On the blog today, I’m sharing a story that begins with lots of shots, tears, and prayers, but ends with a beautiful miracle baby. I met Macie in high school. She was a year under me, and was known to be an incredible basketball player and a friend to all! She has a kind and bubbly personality, and you would love her instantly! She has been so supportive of us since we shared our story.  I have seen so many pictures of her beautiful baby on Instagram and Facebook, but never knew she struggled with infertility until she reached out to me once Fertility and Faith went public. Macie and Adam were ready to start a family, but found out quickly that they were 1 in 8. If you’re not familiar with 1 in 8, statistic show that 1 out of every 8 couples will struggle to get pregnant.  Being apart of that statistic only made her and her husbands faith stronger. Her story has inspired me with its focus on the power of prayer, and I hope it encourages you as well!


infertility story
Macie, Adam, and their beautiful miracle baby

Tell us something about yourself that has nothing to do with infertility.

My name is Macie!  I’m married to my best friend Adam, and we’ve been married almost 5 years now. I am a dental hygienist. I love coffee, running, skiing, and the lake!


What has your journey looked like? Share your story! 

My husband and I had a PLAN (haha!) We were going to travel for 2-3 years and then try for a baby. I was going to get pregnant nearly immediately, around January or February. I would have a perfect fall baby shortly after our 3 year anniversary, because I for sure didn’t want to be pregnant and miserable in the dead heat of summer. I am very TYPE A personality, if you couldn’t tell this already.   WELL, God sure put me in my place!

My husband and I both felt that it was time for me to come off birth control and for us to start trying to conceive. We both felt that we were ready for the next chapter in life and we were so ecstatic and happy to begin this next journey. There was just one small problem: I discontinued birth control and I had no cycles. ZERO. I went 3 months with ZERO cycles before consulting with my doctor.  How can you possibly try to conceive when your body isn’t ovulating? So, I paid my OB (at the time) a visit, obviously concerned, and the OB wasn’t worried at all. He said there was nothing wrong with me. I was just on birth control for too long and my body wasn’t ready to restart itself yet. He placed me on medication that would induce cycles and sent me on my way. For the next 6 months I took this medication, and we waited and waited for my body to ovulate, and it never would.

Finally, I was fed up with my OB for just putting me on the back burner and telling me I was fine and healthy and nothing was wrong. I felt the Holy Spirit continue to encourage me to reach out and seek another opinion. Shortly after, I spoke with another OB, who did an ultrasound and sure enough, I have PCOS. No, I don’t ‘appear’ to be the typical PCOS patient, but, my ovaries have a bazillion tiny cysts all over them, which was preventing me from ovulating on my own. This was the problem all along. Had we checked this out over 7 months ago, we could possibly be pregnant by now!?  Long story short, my OB tried to treat me on his own. We did 3 rounds of Clomid and doctors visits to see if I would have a mature follicle – and nothing seemed to work. My body needed the “big guns” as we referred to it. So, he sent me on down to see a  specialist.

The specialist got the ball rolling VERY quickly! I can’t say enough about how grateful I was with how quickly we started everything. I had to do FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) injections in my belly  EVERY day. I had to go in for blood work (to test my e2 levels) and an ultrasound to check for follicles every 2-3 days. Talk about exhausting and expensive!  The positive side of having PCOS was that I got to continue upping my FSH injections (the doctor based this on my levels) until that very special day, Monday, November 7th.  I will never forget that day. I FINALLY had a mature follicle! It was the prettiest black blob I had ever seen and I was in tears! My body finally responded to the medication and we can actually attempt to have a baby! PRAISE JESUS!!!! It took me 3 weeks of injections to finally get my body to stimulate, but it worked! The doctor gave us the option to try to conceive at home on our own, or we could elect for an intrauterine insemination (or IUI). Obviously with the higher success rate being IUI we elected to do so. So on November 8th, which just so happened to be Election Tuesday, our sweet baby was created.


Infertility Story
Macie and Adam with their first beautiful, black blob!

With hundreds of prayers from our prayer warriors who were up night and day praying for us for months on end, GOD ANSWERED. That positive pregnancy test was the answer we had been yearning for, for what seemed like an eternity. And on that Sunday, the morning we got a positive pregnancy test, at church we sang ‘Great is thy faithfulness’ and I nearly wept. For this song actually came over one of my prayer warriors in the middle of the night, one week prior to this. God works in mysterious ways, and God was making sure he reminded me that on that special Sunday.  He is good. ALL THE TIME. God is good. And, God is faithful.

We are so thankful that God answered our prayers on our first IUI attempt. I know that for many couples out there, you may be going through multiple IUI’s and IVF attempts. You may have had a positive pregnancy test, but then had a sudden miscarriage. Whether you’ve been struggling for a year or for ten, we are all on a very hard battleground. It’s been a journey that I never dreamt would have been mine,  but it was.  I am so thankful that God answered when He did, on His own timing, and not our own. Through this experience, my husband and I grew closer to one another, closer to God, and we truly felt and experienced the power of prayer. It is such an incredible thing!


What has God taught you through this journey?

God has taught us to submit our plans to Him. He’s taught us to know that He is in control, at all times. He has taught us to fully rely on the power of prayer, which I have never fully understood or experienced until this moment in life.


If you could give advice to someone currently walking through infertility, what would you say to him/her? 

First and foremost, I would say do not hesitate to talk to someone. That is the only way you keep your sanity through this! Choose the people you communicate to wisely, as you don’t want to be stressed out or pestered or gossiped about, but you do need people to rely on. You definitely need people to pray over you and your husband. For us,  prayer is what got us through. The more people you talk to, the more people you’ll have praying for you! Also, fully trust and know that GOD IS GOOD. There are going to be days you just cry your eyes out over frustration, and worry and stress, but let it go. Trust in God. Trust that He has a plan and it is going to be FAR GREATER than you could have ever imagined.

infertility story


How did this journey affect your friendships, relationships, and marriage?

This journey is definitely stressful on a marriage, but thankfully we grew closer together through it.  We had to lean on one another. You need a supportive spouse to be there by your side, reminding you that he loves you and supports you.  He will be there for every tear and even every shot.

Also, the struggle with friends! Why does it always seem that when you are ready to get pregnant, and are facing infertility that EVERYONE around you is getting pregnant? Why?! Seriously. That was so so hard for us. I remember just crying every time I would see someone get pregnant. I would battle in my head, “Why her?, Why them?, Why not us!?”  I quickly learned that this is NOT HEALTHY. I actively captured my thoughts when this would happen.

Psalm 113:9
Psalm 113:9

What has life been like after your miracle baby arrived? What hope can you instill in others? 

Life has been so great! Honestly. A baby is truly the most amazing gift. God is so incredibly incredible. The moment you hold your sweet miracle baby, the feeling you feel is hard to put into words. Every day I look at her and I see the marvelous works of my God. Life is different though.  Your life changes, but it changes for the better. Your schedule becomes their schedule, but you wouldn’t want it any other way.  Now being on the other side of infertility, if I ever hear someone who is struggling with infertility, I write their name down and pray for them as often as I can remember to! I want everyone who has experienced this awful, long, bumpy road to see and feel the victory on the other side.

infertility story
Adam, Macie, and their miracle baby McKynlee


Is there anything else you would like to share?

 I believe the best thing to do is to bring awareness about infertility. So many people struggle with infertility and do not discuss it or talk about it. It is far more common than you think and for those reading, you are not alone!. God will answer, and He will answer so perfectly!


If Macie and Adam’s story has encouraged you, share it! Email it to a friend. Share it on social media. Print it out and hand it to a sister walking through this. Throughout this journey, I’ve been so inspired by other couples who have been brave enough to share their story, and I thank Adam and Macie for being willing to do just that!


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infertility story
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  • Shelley Moore February 23, 2018 at 8:31 pm

    I’ve known Mace since she was that awesome B-ball player way back in Middle School. And so beautiful to boot! A real joy to be around and a fabulous, wholesome college roommate for my tad wildish daughter!

    I prayed for Macie and Adam during their challenges, knowing that God would work out a perfect solution meant for this couple. Other couples’ solutions may come about in different ways intended by God. When an answer comes form God, go with it! Follow what you think He is leading you to do. He will not steer your wrong.

    • Ashley Ogle February 24, 2018 at 9:19 am

      I was so happy she was willing to share! Thanks for posting and thank you for reading! Her story is so encouraging!

  • Emily Joy July 26, 2019 at 10:17 am

    Hello, Thank you for posting this article. i relate to it a lot. the verse posted here is the same verse the Lord gave me a few months ago. my husband and i have been trying for almost two years, as well as my sister and brother in law. my husband isn’t on board with treatments right now. i think his faith is stronger than mine. the Lord’s shown me that this is about strengthening my own faith, but i would really like to ask for prayer for pregnancies! thank you for praying-may the Lord be glorified in it all.


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