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Posted: April 26, 2018 by Ashley Ogle

Taylor and I haven’t updated you guys on our medical journey in awhile, so we thought now would be a good time to share. Here’s a look at what’s been going on the last few months:

November & December- Took both months off after our loss

January & February- We were really excited and hopeful to have our first IUI done in January! I ordered my HCG shot, and took all the supplements and medicines I needed. When day 13 came, we went to the doctor for an ultrasound (and not the jelly on the belly kind.) Sadly my body didn’t respond to the medicine. This month had to be cancelled and we counted it as a flop. We were unable to do an IUI. February had the same thing happen as well. We were so hopeful and ready for an IUI, but my body didn’t respond to medicines. We had to cancel our cycle again.

March– Third times the charm, right? My doctor was not happy with the results we were getting on Clomid, so he switched my medicine to a new drug called Famera. We were really hopeful that Famera would work. When day 13 came, we went to the doctor for another ultrasound. My body responded, but not in a good way. The medication created a large cyst on my ovary. Our cycle was cancelled again, and I had to be closely monitored. We came back a few weeks later and had to undergo another unpleasant ultrasound. The cyst hadn’t budged, so my doctor tried to treat it. We went in for another ultrasound and the cyst still hadn’t budged. My doctor told us I needed to have it surgically removed. He wanted to conduct some exploratory surgery as well to see if anything else was going on inside my body.

Having three months with unsuccessful outcomes was hard, especially after just experiencing loss. Usually after we got the news, I’d spend the day feeling a little down. You begin each month feeling so happy and hopeful, and then you end feeling disappointed and sad. It’s a not-so-fun rollercoaster ride, but our hearts stayed steadfast and trusting in the Lord.

When our doctor suggested surgery, Taylor and I started laughing in his office. He told us (maybe) ONE patient a YEAR out of his busy practice had this happen. It was highly unlikely. When we heard that, we knew the Lord’s hand was all over it, and we really trusted Him with it all. When I left the doctors office that day, I was driving in traffic and the car in front of me had what looked like a 7 year olds writing that said, “God’s Will Is Cool.” It made me grin so big. We didn’t expect this journey to go this way or last this long. However, it’s brought us closer to each other and to the Lord, and that is indeed super, super cool.


Super attractive picture of me before surgery!

April- I had my surgery two weeks ago. I was put to sleep and now have 3 incisions to show for it. While under, I had a laprascopy, a polypepecty, cystectomy, a D&C, and a hysteroscope. If you don’t know what any of that means, I can summarize it: My tummy was pumped with gas while they stuck a camera inside and looked around. They drained my cyst, found endometriosis and 3 polyps blocking my tubes. They removed the polyps and endometriosis and scraped out my uterus (yikes!). I remember praying while they put me to sleep. I kept thanking God and praising Him for this surgery, and believing that if there was something we needed to find, we would. He answered! Recovery has lasted a solid 2 weeks, but we’re praising the Lord for everything they found!

I have no memory of this picture, but I do remember that trusty vomit bag in my lap! haha


We’re in high hopes for the future. Getting rid of the polyps and endometriosis was a huge blessing! We’re looking at the cyst as a blessing in disguise, and we’d really love for you guys to continue praying for us! These past few months haven’t been fun with treatments, but they have brought hope!


This is the verse my husband prayed over me before surgery






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